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Freckashpeng Vaughn Rurik NS
Secret Garden King x AmCh, CnGCh MBVIS SBOS MSBPIS Mayvale's Regal Sensation (NZD) CGN AOM
29 July 2017
DM clear by testing, OFA echo normal, CERF normal, Thyroid normal CHIC #136501
AKC Grand major pointed

Vaughn seems to have the best qualities from both Mom and Dad. At 9 months of age, Vaughn received his Canadian Championship, at 10 months he was Best of Breed and Best Puppy in the Gazehound On with 15 borzoi entered. He has had group placements, and on his first birthday he was BOB earning his Canadian Grand Championship. In September 2018 he attended his first Sprinter and was awared his Novice Sprinter (NS) title.  In June 2019, he ran his first Chase Ability and qualified for 2 passes our of 2 runs. At 19 months he aquired his American Championship winning the 5 point major at the Borzoi Club of Dellaware Valley show.  He is currently working on his American Grand Championship and received another 5 point Granch Championship major at the Romulus NY show.

28-Sep-19 - Romulus NY, BOB (5 point GCh major)
30-Aug-19 - Cornwall On, BOB, Group 1st
16-Aug-19 - Appalachin NY, BOB (3 point GCh major)
10-Aug-19 - Ballston Spa NY, SD
13-July-19 - Turnbridge VT, BOB
29-Jun-19 - Bainbridge NY, SD
22-Jun-19 - Henrietta NY, SD (3 point GCh major)
13-Jun-19 - BCO/WCEC Sprinter, Novice Sprinter title
10-Jun-19 -Erie Shore, BOB
9-Jun-19 - Gazehound On, BOB
8-Jun-19 - Borzoi Ontario, Best Brace in Specialty
8-Jun-19 - Borzoi Canada National, SD, Best Brace in Show
7-Jun-19 - Erie Shore, Best Brace in Show
1-Jun-19 - BCO Chase Abiitly, 2 runs, 2 passes
3-May-19 - Borzoi Club of Dellaware Valley, WD (5 point major, New AmCh)
2-May-19 - All Hound Central New Jersey, WD (4 point major)
30-Mar-19 - Syracuse NY, WD (3 point major)
29-Mar-19 - Syracuse NY, WD (3 point major)
2018 - #8 Borzoi in Canada
29-Jul-18 - Kingston On, BOB (New Grand Champion)
6-Jul-18 - Chateauguay Qc, BOB, BPIB, BPIG, Group 4th
3-Jun-18 - Gazehound On, BOB BPIB, Best Puppy in Multi-breed Specialty
2-Jun-18 - Borzoi Canada, Best Brace in Show (with Kira)
2-Jun-18 - Borzoi Ontario, SD, Best Puppy in Show, Best Brace (with Kira)
26-May-18 - Ottawa On, SD, BPIB
11-May-18 - Arnprior On, SD, BPIB
28-Apr-18 - Rive-Sud-Montreal Qc, BOB, BPIB (New Champion)
15-Apr-18 - Windsor Qc, BOB, BPIB (show 3 & 4)
14-Apr-18 - Windsor Qc, BOB, BPIB (show 1 & 2)
29-Mar-18 - Syracuse Ny, WD (3 point major)
11-May-18 - TIKO sanction match, BOB, BPIB, Group 4th
25-Nov-17 - St-Lazare Qc, BOS baby puppy

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