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Frequently Asked Questions - The Hounds of Freckashpeng Reg'd

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  • Do you have currently have puppies?

     No,  responsible breeders always have a wait list.

  • How long is your wait list?

Wait list is a guestimate and is only as good as the people on it. Not everyone updates us, if they found anohter dog/puppy, don't want to wait, when breeding is happening timing is off and they want to move to the next list, etc.

  • How does your process work?

     1. Submit an application (please provide as much detail as possible)
     2. Wait to hear back from us, after we hear from references
     3. We will confirm with you that we have added your name to our wait list
     4. Set up an in person meeting (this must happen prior to puppies being born)
     5. We will contact you, when breeding is to take place, to ensure you are still interested
     6. We will contact you, to confirm pregnancy and ensure you are still interested
     7. We will contact you, to let you know puppies arrived
         a. you will be send our standard contract for review
         b. you will need to send a non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy.
         c. puppies leave between eight (8) and twelve (12) weeks of age.

  • When do we chose our puppy?

No one choses their pups, we assign each pup based on their personalities and what you gave us as information about what you are looking for in the application (hence the importance of including as much detail possible). For example if you said you wanted a black female, we would follow up as to what is more important the colour or the gender and put that with the answers you had provided in our questionnaire, calm, active etc.. We do not make our picks until they are eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks old.

  • Is a Whippet or Borzoi puppy suitable for appartment/condo living?

Toilet training a puppy can be very difficult if you don't have access to a fenced yard and can't whisk the pup out ASAP as they do have small bladders and can need to go out frequently.

Puppies require lots of short free running time, several times a day for proper muscle development to develop proper muscle tone and reach their full potential (no regimented exercising)

We are not advocates of taking a puppy (or dog) to a dog park, especially prior to having all its shots as it can get into anything such as wild animal faces, or poison. You are not aware of the other dogs, if they have been vaccinated, do they have aggression issues,  as well as the sick people that put poisons and broken glass etc in dog parks.

For those reasons, we find appartment/condo living not suitable for sighthound puppies. We are basing this on past experience having placed puppies in apartments and seeing them later in life and they had not developed to their full potential (proper muscle development). We are not opposed to placing dogs/puppies that have finished developing into apartment/condo living.An older puppy or adult would be more suitable to apartment living, provided it is exercised properly, stimulated and taken out to toilet a few times per day (as needed).

  • Can I take my puppy jogging?

You should not take a puppy running/jogging as this is very hard on their joints whilst they are developing and can cause issues later in life.  They can make great running companions once they are older and have completed growing.

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