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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the wait list?

  • Wait list time varies, there many factors; are people on more than one list, do we know that? when the breeding is about to happen and we contact you, do you reply or ignore?  is the timing good or bad? do I need to switch to another list because of xyz? did I find another puppy and not advise those that I am on a list?

  • Not to mention did the breeding take, what is the litter size etc.

  • With those few factors a wait list time can change drastically and potentially a 2 year wait could be 8 months...

Can we come and visit?

  • Absolutely, we expect potential owners to come and meet us and our hounds.  Once  we advise you that you are on our wait list, please set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. That way you meet us and potential parents and their relatives.

What health tests do the parents have?

  • All our hounds have the recommended OFA health tests  for the whippets; Heart (echocardiograms), CAER (eyes) and BAER (hearing), for the borzoi; Heart (echocardiograms), CAER (eyes), Thyroid, and DM. Results are posted on the OFA website

When do I get to chose my puppy?

  • No one choses their puppy. We chose the puppy for their families based on the answers provided in the questionnaire, that is why the more details about you and your familiy, your expectations etc is very important.  Matching temperament, personality and activity/drive level with potential families is to important to leave to fate.

Do I need to give a deposit now?

  • No, we do not accept deposits until puppies are born.

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