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Borzoi & Whippets

Welcome to the Hounds of Freckashpeng Reg'd

We have been in borzoi since 1990 and whippets since 2004. Our kennel name was derived from the names of our first two borzoi and cat.  It is pronounced: Frec - Kash - Peng.  

We are located in Winchester, Ontario (just South of Ottawa). Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy your time with us and our display of our hounds as they are both remarkable breeds.  Our hounds are first and foremost part of our family and household and show dogs second. Our "kennel" is our home, where all the dogs live in the house with us, we do not have any out buildings.

Our breeding philosophy is to selectively breed sound, healthy, health tested dogs with great temperament and pedigrees.  Many hours go into researching the best breedings that we can possibly do, to produce sound, healthy, happy, socialized puppies, that reflect their breed standard.  We are always available to answer any questions throughout the lifetime of your hound.  Our goal is to produce hounds that conform to their breed standard as to type, movement and temperament.  We are committed to providing both new and experience borzoi and whippet owners with top quality, healthy, loving loveable additions to their family.

As breeders, we feel that we should not only be part of the membership, we should be active members in the clubs and their respective rescue counterparts. We try to make a worthwhile contributions to the breed clubs. We believe and abide by our clubs constitution, by-laws, code of conduct and code of ethics.  Over the years we have actively participated in club activities such as chairing Regional and National Specialty Shows, fundraising, lure coursing, chase ability and sprinters.  We have and continue to fundraise,  field clerk, trophy chairs, and do hospitality at events. We continue to be on the executive or board of directors for several clubs, and have assumed positions such as President, Vice-President, Directors, Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster,  In 2021, Paul has been approved to judge Chase Ability events. We continuously promote our breeds and are activists for their welfare.  

We are members of the following clubs:

Candian Kennel Club (CKC)
Ottawa Kennel |Club (OKC)
Borzoi Club of Ontario (BCO),
         currently Steve VP, Paul past
Secretary. VP
Borzoi Canada (BC)
         currently Paul President, Steve Ontario Director
National Whippet Club of Canada (NWCC)
         currently Paul Treasurer
Whippet Rescue Canada,
         currently Ottawa Liaison
Whippet Club of Eastern Canada (WCEC),
event secretary for Eastern Ontario events & Paul VP

Our dog activities include participating in conformation shows, lure coursing, chase ability, sprinter.  Keeping us busy most weekends by attending, preparing for, volunteering at these events.

We welcome visitors by appointment, and encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have about our dogs or our breeds in general.

Paul & Steve

Frec - Kash - Peng
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